On the other day I've came across this site where it shows collisions of particles, simulating attraction and repulse between them or the mouse cursor. It has an awesome one of what it seems like a bed sheet swinging with the wind.

All these animations where made using a lightweight physics engine called CoffeePhysics. This engine was written in CoffeeScript by Justin Windle, and he made it because... well he just felt like doing it.

And with the same motto (why not?), I decided to make a demo of my own, but with a little twist. Check out my CoffeePhysics Lamp Demo.

It's not that fancy as Justin's, but it was the first thing that came across my mind. If you have another idea, just give me a shoutout on twitter.

Update: I've made another one for Entrepreneurs Break, a group of young entrepreneurs in which I'm involved.