And another directive. This one was forked from another repo and just added a clouple of options I needed for a project.

The dropdown multiselect is a dropdown, with the bootstrap styles, where you can select more than one option. You can check the demo of the original repo here.

The differences between the original repo and mine are:

  • Option (enableNewItem) to show a field to add a new item to the collection, and the respective event call (onNewItemAdd);
  • Option to leave the menu always opened (alwaysOpened);
  • When an item isn't selected, it shows a "cross" glyphicon.

I've registered my repo on bower so if you want to give it a try you can install it

bower install ng-dropdown-multiselect --save

or you can clone it

git clone

install the dependencies, run grunt

npm install && bower install && grunt serve

and just play around with the settings of the dropdown.

Feel free to star and fork it :)